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                        About US

Below is every maths and physics tutor who is employed at S.T.E.M.Online.

Meet The Team:

linear algebra help for college beginners
math tutors

Name: Harsh Bhatt

Position: math tutor and Developer.

Qualifications: Niagara College, Canada September 2022 To August 2023 Postgraduate Certification, G H Patel College, India July 2015 To May 2017 Master of Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering. Marwadi Education Foundation, India July 2011 To May 2015 Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Teaches: Harsh teaches mathematics, engineering and C# Programming, PLC Programming, Automation Projects, Process Automation, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning courses all the way up to and including second year university level, and tailor's his teaching style depending on the student. Harsh is also a highly qualified math tutor whose specialty is linear algebra help for college beginners.

Value: Excellence

Name: Mohamed Elhefnawy

Position: math tutor and AI Researcher.

Qualifications: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of British Columbia | PhD, Polytechnique Montreal.

Teaches: ,Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations & Partial Differential Equations, Python Programming, Machine Learning and etc. Mohamed is new to S.T.E.M. Online, and is a very good math tutor. Especially for college and university courses. His specialty is calculus for first-year university students, and linear algebra help for college beginners. If you want a very comprehensive understanding to math, Mohamed is your guy!

Value: Innovation

    Our Values and its impact on our tutoring approach

1. Empowerment through Education

Description: We believe in the transformative power of education to change lives. By providing high-quality tutoring in mathematics and physics, we empower students to take control of their academic journeys and achieve their goals.

Impact on Tutoring Approach:

  • Target Audience: First and second-year university/college students who are struggling with or looking to excel in mathematics and physics.

  • Philosophy to Teaching: We emphasize teaching strong critical thinking skills, helping students to not just memorize formulas but to understand the underlying principles and apply them to various problems. This empowers students to tackle new and unfamiliar problems with confidence.

  • Methods: Our tutors use a variety of teaching tools, including problem-based learning, real-world applications, and interactive exercises, to foster a deep understanding and confidence in the subjects.

2. Excellence

Description: Striving for the highest standards in tutoring, we ensure that every student receives top-notch guidance and support, tailored to their unique learning needs.

Impact on Tutoring Approach:

  • Target Audience: High-achieving students looking to deepen their understanding and those who need extra support to reach their potential.

  • Philosophy to Teaching: We focus on excellence by providing detailed feedback, advanced problem-solving strategies, and personalized lesson plans. Our goal is to push students to achieve their best.

  • Methods: Regular assessments, continuous improvement of our tutoring materials, and a commitment to staying updated with the latest educational research ensure we maintain the highest quality of tutoring.

3. Innovation

Description: We utilize cutting-edge teaching methods and tools to make learning engaging and effective, staying ahead of educational trends to provide the best possible learning experience.

Impact on Tutoring Approach:

  • Target Audience: Tech-savvy students who benefit from modern learning tools and those interested in innovative learning methods.

  • Philosophy to Teaching: We emphasize visual-spatial skills, helping students visualize complex concepts and see the connections between different topics. This is particularly important in subjects like physics, where understanding the spatial relationships between objects can be crucial.

  • Methods: Incorporating technology such as virtual labs, interactive simulations, and educational software to create dynamic and immersive learning experiences.

4. Integrity

Description: Providing honest, ethical, and transparent services, we foster trust and reliability in our tutoring relationships. Our commitment to integrity ensures that students and parents can rely on us for consistent, high-quality support.

Impact on Tutoring Approach:

  • Target Audience: Students and parents who value honesty and transparency in educational services.

  • Philosophy to Teaching: We build trust through clear communication, setting realistic expectations, and delivering on our promises. We ensure that all our practices, from billing to feedback, are conducted with the utmost integrity.

  • Methods: Clear reporting of student progress, honest feedback on strengths and areas for improvement, and a commitment to ethical tutoring practices.

5. Personalized Learning

Description: Recognizing that each student is unique, we tailor our tutoring strategies to meet individual needs and learning styles, ensuring that every student gets the support they need to succeed.

Impact on Tutoring Approach:

  • Target Audience: Students who need customized learning plans, including those with learning differences or specific academic goals.

  • Philosophy to Teaching: We emphasize personalized attention, adapting our methods to fit each student's preferred learning style. This could mean using more visual aids, providing hands-on examples, or breaking down complex concepts into simpler, more manageable steps.

  • Methods: Initial assessments to understand each student's strengths and weaknesses, flexible tutoring plans that adapt as the student progresses, and regular one-on-one sessions to ensure continuous, personalized support.

6.) Lifelong Learning

Description: We foster a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom, encouraging students to become curious, independent learners who continue to seek knowledge throughout their lives.

Impact on Tutoring Approach:

  • Target Audience: Students who are passionate about learning and those who need encouragement to develop a love for the subject matter.

  • Philosophy to Teaching: We aim to instill a growth mindset, teaching students that learning is a continuous journey. We encourage curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, beyond just exams and grades.

  • Methods: Encouraging students to explore topics beyond the curriculum, providing resources for independent study, and promoting a culture of inquiry and curiosity in every session.

 By deeply embedding these values into our tutoring approach, S.T.E.M.Online ensures that every student not only achieves academic success but also develops skills and attitudes that will serve them well throughout their educational and professional journeys.

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